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Making Sense of Your World

UbiBot ® provides you with access to your IoT data whenever and wherever you need it. Our WiFi and GPRS enabled sensors mean that data monitoring has never been easier.
Wireless Sync

Wireless Sync

Global Access

Global Access

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Smart Alerts

Smart Alerts

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Easy to Use

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Professional Team, Professional Services

Who we are

Who we are

UbiBot ® are IoT specialists with a track record of building user-oriented ecosystems. Our wireless IoT sensors provide accurate environmental monitoring and you can access the readings via our App or our IoT Portal. Our alerts warn you if any readings go out of range and you are able to create custom integrations and solutions using our open API.

Why choose us

As a company, UbiBot ® always puts our users first. Our flexible IoT ecosystem has been designed to provide accurate wireless monitoring when and where you need it. We believe in helping our customers and our dedicated support team is on hand to help you with any issues you may have.

Who we are

UbiBot ® Major Milestones

A smart IoT device deserves to be built on the best technologies. We have worked tirelessly over the past few years to develop an easy-to-use device that integrates the latest sensing technologies. Now our state-of-the-art devices are available to customers worldwide.

Volume Pricing

The UbiBot online store has made it easier than ever to help place your large quantity order for any of the products we offer. For purchases of 20 devices and more, simply contact us at sales@ubibot.io with what items you are interested in and one of our dedicated sales representatives will follow up with you to provide a quote.
Ubibot Volume Pricing

Our Partners

Our solution partners can assist you locally with anything related to our products and services. Interested in UbiBot? Please contact your local partner now for a personal demo.



Audon Electronics Ltd

Address: Field View, Wormald Green, Harrogate, HG3 3NJ, UK

Tel: +44 (0)1765 677425

Email: info@audon.co.uk

Web: www.audon.co.uk

Italy Italy

Digitron Italia Srl

Address: Strada ASI Cons. 703013 Ferentino (FR)

Tel:+39 0775 392052


Web: www.digitron-italia.it


Romania Romania

Criad Construct srl

Address: str Agricultori nr 14, sector 2,Bucuresti



Web: www.ubibot.eu



Singapore Singapore

GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd

Address: 8 Burn Road #05-01 Trivex Singapore 369977 Singapore

Tel:+65 6386 1815

Email: sales@testmeter.sg

Web: www.testmeter.sg/brands/UbiBot-73


Japan Japan

スマートシニア株式会社 (FujiDen)

Address: 〒135-0063 東京都江東区有明3-7-26 有明フロンティアビルB棟9階

Tel: 050-3598-3120




Thailand Thailand

Monitoring Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 55/307 Soi Chalermprakiat R.9 S.97, Prawet District, Prawet, Bangkok 10250



Web: www.MonitoringTechnology.co.th

Thai Manual & Local Warranty& Support Available!

Philippines Philippines


Tel: +63 4433625

Email: sales@eisusonline.com & denzcortez@eisusonline.com

Whatsapp: +63 09178191766 Viber:+63 09178191766

Web: www.eisus.net & www.dataloggerph.com


Technical Support

For common account settings questions, please refer to the FAQs and you'll find the detailed answers.If you have any technical questions about our products, email support@ubibot.io. We will always respond within 24 hours and often in less than an hour.

Trustworthy Team

UbiBot has retained thousands of loyal customers all over the world who value the reliability, performance and long-term service that we provide. Their feed-back is incorporated into many product designs to create a process of continuous improvement.

After-sales Service

Please provide the Email address that associated with your UbiBot account.If it is an issue with a particular device.Please also let us know the serial number which is usually on the back of the device.

Become a Distributor

We would like to work with companies around the globe that wish to grow with the success of UbiBot by becoming authorized partners of official UbiBot offerings. Our partner program is designed to generate recurring revenue streams for our partners and allow them to build strong relationships by offering value-added products and services to their clients. If you are interested to become a distributor, reseller or affiliate of UbiBot products, please email us at sales@ubibot.io, or join our UbiBot Reseller Club Affiliate Program directly: ubibot.refersion.com.
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