1.I can’t install the app. Can you help?

Ideally you should always install the App from Google Play (for Android) or from the App Store (for Apple).

The iOS App requires at least iOS version 9 or higher. The Android App needs Android 4.2 or higher. If your phone/tablet is on an older Operating System you won’t be able to install the App.

If you downloaded the App from our website, check that your phone security permissions allow you to install the App. Also double-check you chose the correct version of the App.

2.Failure to connect to WiFi after setup

1) Please check the device is powered on. If the device doesn’t beep when you press the button, the device may have run out of battery. Replace the batteries and restart the device.

2) If the device is powered on, but the WiFi is still not connected, this may indicate flat batteries since WiFi requires a lot of power. Try changing the batteries and switching the device on again.

3) Check if you have changed any settings on your WiFi router like the password. If you have change anything, you may need to go through the WiFi setup process again.

3.Failure to connect to WiFi during setup

During setup, your device will need to be in WiFi setup mode. This activates its internal WiFi and allows you to transfer details of your WiFi network to it. Check the following:

1) Is the indicator flashing alternate red and green? If it isn’t, turn the device off and then re-enter WiFi setup mode.

2) Can you see your WiFi network listed? If not, check that it is on the correct frequency and channel. UbiBot devices support 2.4 GHz.

If you still have problems, try changing the batteries —WiFi and WiFi setup use a lot of power.


4.I just tried to activate my device using a PC, but I keep seeing a “Failed Activation” popup?

If the activation failed, go through the activation procedure again and confirm that you selected the correct WiFi for the environment. Then ensure that you have entered the correct password for that WiFi network. Click Save and try activating your device again.


5.I am activating my device using a PC, but I see a popup that says “Switch to WiFi Mode”. What should I do?

You will see this notification if you connect a new device to your PC when it is switched on. You should connect the device while it is switched off and power it on after it is connected to the computer. This is because a new device (or a device that has been reset) automatically enters WiFi setup mode when it is connected.